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Pricing Considerations

Online websites have watered down what is one of the most important part of the home sales process…

Don't let yourself be convinced a computer algorithm can replace on the street perspective and knowledge. There are several inherent problems with things like a "Zestimate"…

1. The information Zillow has to use for it's estimates is not complete. They don't have access to all the sales information that Realtors® have.

2. NO AMOUNT of information in a database can replace the onsite viewpoint.

3. Some of the public information is not accurate… either missing information or mis-information.
I take two steps that improve vastly on the pricing process.

1. I use the BEST information to determine the market conditions

2. I use my PERSONAL experience about the properties I have seen and the area to fine tune the valuation more than any computer program.

IF you price your home too high in the beginning there will be very few interested in it.
Pricing it too low will make more interested but you'll lose some of your profit.
The best price is a BALANCE of the two.

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There are ALREADY buyers on the market
when your home is listed. They come in the first week or two to view your home. After that, it's only new buyers that are introduced to the market that come to see your home.

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Bottom Line: If you don't price your home accurately in the beginning, it could cost you thousands later…

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